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YouPlayer is your advanced Player for Your Online-Videos!
Important: Please avoid using YouPlayer with porn servers as! For xxx content and sex videos you can use your browser as well!

★ YouPlayer uses a revolutionary new developed streaming- and download- technique to show and download Your Videos with an unbelievable speed! You can download dozens of videos at the same time, while you are watching videos - without slowing down!

★ YouPlayer has a built-in password-protection to make Your Video-content absolutely private!
★ Downloads don't appear in gallery!
★ No history & no cookies!

★ YouPlayer comes with it's own (beautiful!) Volume-Control. If you like to watch Your Movies with a particular level - YouPlayer preserves it for you!
★ Search results are displayed in an endless list - you can scroll between thousands of videos in seconds!
★ Extreme fast timeline-scrolling!
★ Gorgeous sliding-mechanism!

At the beginning YouPlayer was designed to show the content of all existing video-sharing websites - including YouTube. But since it is not allowed to support video-downloading for YouTube, YouPlayer can only provide Servers, which explicitly offer video-downloading and do support the usage of YouPlayer.

We don't allow servers, that provide nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material and we appeal urgently to you, not to use YouPlayer for indecent content! You should rather use your browser, when you intend to watch movies from youporn or other porn websites!

Supported servers:
we don't provide an official server lists, because of we cannot control the content of every server and we want to be sure, that YouPlayer will not be banned from market. But after buying you have 15 minutes to checkout, if your server is working with YouPlayer. If your server does not work, you can still cancel your purchase and you get all your money back!

Please don't give us a negative rating,
because of you notice after some days,
that your preferred server does not support YouPlayer!

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